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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Story Of Fomm Marine Models

About Us

Fatih Özgünsür started to make cardboard ships thanks to his interest in ships in the 70s.  He started to work as a professional ship modeler with the establishment of the Ship Modelers Association in 1977, of which he was the second founding president.Since 2002, He has delivered more than 150 models to private sector shipyards and collectors. He received the first prize in the 1977 Turkish Navy Foundation Competition with the first rank, and the second prize in 1988 with the second rank. Three of his works are exhibited in the naval museums. In 2016, he served as the chairman of the selection committee in the 1st Naval Forces Ship Models competition. He won the second place in the Navy Command Model Ship Competition held in 2023.After his retirement, he continues his professional ship modeling  since 2002. 



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